You’re pregnant. How do you tell the people you love?

We’ve all seen those commercials where a couple announces their pregnancy to their parents by sending them a box filled with baby booties or the couple on the a T.V. show holding a giant poster board that says “We’re Pregnant!”.

The truth is announcing a pregnancy is not a positive experience for everyone. The idea of telling your friends or family can be scary.

You may be wondering what they will think, say or do. You don’t want your family to be disappointed or judge you for getting pregnant.

Your parents and your friends love you and what you are imagining as the worst case scenario will likely never happen. Initially, most parents and friends may be shocked  but ultimately want to support you if they can.

If you have had an abusive background with your parents or your friends and fear that there will be violence, please protect yourself.

Seek support

You may want to tell a friend first and then ask your friend to go with you when you tell your parents. It’s always good to have support even if you suspect your parents will respond with kindness. If your boyfriend is supportive, bring him along.

How to start

You can start by saying, “I have something important to tell you.” Or “I have some difficult news to tell you.” Then, wait and let this sink in before continuing.

No one knows your parents and your friends like you do. Think about a time in the past when you had to share bad news with your parents or friends. Perhaps you failed a class, got drunk, or wrecked the car. How did they respond? It’s important to think ahead about what their reaction may be and imagine how you might respond.

Give them time

Give your parents time to speak without jumping in. Tell them how you feel. Don’t be afraid to tell your parents or friends your thoughts and feelings about abortion, parenting, or adoption.

You want your friends and parents to be supportive of your decisions, but no one can make this decision for you. Don’t allow your friends or family to pressure you into making a decision you are uncomfortable with.

Listen with an open mind to what your parents and friends share and then give yourself time to make a decision that you feel is best for you. Hopefully, your parents and friends will continue to support you after you have made that decision.